Have fun with the Google Wonder Wheel!

Pretty much unnoticed by the affiliate marketing world Google recently introduced a new feature called the Wonder Wheel.

It’s a flash-based application which shows your keyword in the center and groups related terms around it. By clicking on a related keyword it drills down by creating a new, connected circle with even more related terms:


Though the information provided is not totally new (Adwords Keyword Tool, Google Suggest) it’s very helpful to get a quick overview of a niche or for keyword grouping ideas.

So if you’re keen to play with the wonder wheel, here’s how you get started (click to zoom):


Update: Einen Tag nach Veröffentlichung dieses Artikels ist doch noch ein (sogar sehr ausführlicher) Blog Post über das Google Wonder Wheel in meinem Feed Reader aufgetaucht.

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3 comments on “Have fun with the Google Wonder Wheel!
  1. Peach says:

    Yeah, the Google Wonder Wheel is really a funny tool. Google has always such cool ideas – and the microsoft people don’t have them ;-)

  2. 4MIN says:

    Very interesting idea and as always, from Google. Perhaps Microsoft can not not work, it just does not want to make life easier for people and to earn this money.

  3. Tom says:

    That´s a great idea and tool and I am sure that Google has enough data to fill it :-)

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